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Cheap Phone Sex is Back : After a ton of emails received over the course of the past few years, Chrissy's Phone Sex Girls are back!


You have seen the ads and maybe even called other phone sex lines. You have had some fun, but not quite, never really enough. Truth is what we do is an art and it takes more than groaning and moaning to make a call memorable and satisfying. At we have one rule: Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are the phone sex girls experts, the fetish girls who swing both ways from humiliation with implacable and sensual mistresses, to innocent sounding coeds going by the universal rule that no taboo sex roleplay is the ultimate major in their study of all things sexual. We've got big tit phone sluts, the cuckolding babes who take cuckold phone sex to a different level, and of course we love big black cocks. We invite you to call in and bring your perverted imagination to our attention. Whatever you dream about, our girls can do it!

Chrissy's Phone Sex Mates: $19.95 for up to 15 minutes of sexual bliss!

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For those of you who don't know, Chrissy took the world of phone sex by storm when in 1997 she was the first to introduce the concept of up to a 15 minute call for a cheap, (very cheap in fact), no gimmicks, no rip offs price. Our offer was unprecedented and unheard off and raised quite a few worried eyebrows in our industry!

Keeping to her philosophy of offering the best deals possible, Chrissy this time has gone one step further. Your next conversation will cost you:


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So, if you are horny and into sexy women, but are put off by those insane per minute rates with hidden charges, man! Chrissy's Phone Mates will blow your mind! (... and something else of course if you'll pardon the pun! )

At Chrissy's Phone Mates you can be sure to enjoy:

  • Live one on one conversations with the sexiest women around!
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  • A scrupulously guarded privacy policy! Your credit card will be billed and the charge will appear discreetly so as not to alert anyone, including wives, girlfriends...
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  • Free calls
  • 5 minute quickies
  • and more!

Chrissy's Phone Sex Mate: 1-888-247-0224 for up to 15 minutes of pleasure!

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